Gartner Features CyCraft Technology in AI Market Guide


According to Gartner, these 47 representative AI startups offer potential benefits to both China-based and global enterprises.

“Most enterprises do not have the resources or data scientists to build AI models. Meanwhile, large AI solution providers do not want to invest resources to customize models for individual customers, as it does not scale revenue. This provides AI startups opportunities to co-create new AI applications by working with enterprises, gaining business domain insights and relevant data. AI startups can also help clients to continue optimizing their models to support customers with effective AI solutions.”
Gartner, Market Guide for AI Startups, Greater China, 22 July 2021

Out of the 47 Representative AI Startups listed, seven are based in Taiwan, and five are based in Hong Kong. Only one of the 47 Representative AI Startups is focused on cybersecurity products and services—CyCraft

CyCraft MDR (Managed Detection and Response)…

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