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Gainesville residents react to fraud at the gas pump


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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – “We don’t want scammers. That is because they are taking out of our pockets” said one Gainesville resident.

Seven men have been arrested throughout Florida after hacking fuel pumps, and three of those were caught last week at the Circle K gas station on North Main Street in Gainesville.

“Scammers are going to be there. Scammers were here way before, for a long time” said one woman at the gas pump.

Police say Leonardo Valdes Cordero, Alfredo Marrero, and Jose Luis Verano were charged with using a skimming device, as well as a device to change how gas was dispensed.

The men are accused of stealing nearly 1,500 gallons of fuel in Hillsborough County and another 1,300 gallons in Sumter County.

“The same prices that they have to pay is the same as the mother who is…

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