Further provocation against China on cybersecurity will hurt US economy


Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

The US government and its allies from Europe and the Asia-Pacific accused China of hacking the Microsoft Exchange email server. China’s Foreign Ministry and embassies and representatives in several countries and international organizations have refuted the US’ groundless accusation.

The Microsoft case is only an old case that has almost faded out of public view. The “name and shame” tactic is nothing but an old trick the US repeatedly used to groundlessly blame China. However, by gathering allies to launch an action against China, the US has apparently upgraded its attack.

In terms of cyber security, this round of attack against China launched by the West camp is extremely ironic. The countries joining the US’ blame game are almost all victims of US surveillance. It is the US itself that is carrying out large-scale destructive cyber surveillance operations and cyber attacks in global cyberspace.

There is no shortage of evidence…

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