‘Fueling the Economy’ will analyze Tempe’s growth and opportunities


As Arizona rebounds from the pandemic, its population is increasing, new projects are transforming the skyline, and travel and tourism are bouncing back.

Like other cities in the Greater Phoenix area, Tempe is leading the way when it comes to growth and development in the state, and the Fueling the Economy: The City of Tempe panel discussion will take a deep dive into those elements driving Tempe’s economy. The last couple years saw Tempe pivot from a university town into the Valley’s second largest urban center, but rapid change brings not just economic success but also challenges. From demands for additional workforce and affordable housing, to attracting businesses that provide high-paying jobs, to ensuring enough space for visitors—including the thousands who come every year for events at Arizona State University—Tempe is dedicated to meeting the needs of its residents as well as current and potential industries.


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