From blackmailing to Crypto scams, here’s all you need to know / Digital Information World

Instagram is a widely used social app with countless profiles and is a platform that offers the best interaction with friends and social circles. However, the app has a dark side too. Scammers and blackmailers are using this platform to cheat and deceive people by playing some heinous tactics.

Since the app was developed, it was just a place to share pictures and memories with your followers and friends but now everything has changed. ID thieves try to promote fake products and brands, scam the audience, or steal the profiles of users. The major concern is that people on Instagram often compare their lifestyles with others. They are easily fantasized about others’ lifestyles. Scammers post luxurious lifestyles and pictures to attract users’ attention and they pretend to be rich because they do so called business. However, this is not actually true. They offer opportunities for people to buy bitcoins from them or to invest money in forex trading….

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