Fraud Watch: Spring scam roundup — something for everyone | Lifestyles


Home improvement scams begin in earnest during March. Beware of “pop-up” contractors offering great deals on driveway paving, siding installation or general contractor work. Typically, the perpetrator appears at your door making a fantastic offer on the price of the repair work. The scenario: “I happened to be in the area working on a job, and we overestimated the amount of material necessary. Rather than drive home with the products, I’m willing to offer you a great deal, so I can break even.”

The offer is made under a sense of urgency: You need to decide right now. “Cold call” offers such as this should raise a red flag. Don’t jump on the offer, as that is exactly what the criminal wants. Take your time to decide. Ask the “contractor” for local references and request a copy of proof…

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