Fraud Shifts to Travel, Gaming Sites as Economies Reopen


The prevalence of digital fraud attempts on businesses and consumers continues to rise as malicious actors are shifting their focus in 2021 from financial services to travel and leisure and other industries.

These were among the findings of TransUnion’s quarterly digital fraud analysis, which found the rate of suspected digital fraud attempts rose 16.5% globally when comparing Q2 2021 to Q2 2020.

Gaming and travel and leisure were the two most impacted industries globally for the suspected digital fraud attempt rate, rising 393% and 156% in the last year, respectively. In the U.S., this rate rose 262% for gaming and 137% for travel and leisure.

As online fraud attempts against businesses continue to escalate, one in three consumers stated that they have been targeted by a digital fraud scheme related to COVID-19 during the second quarter of 2021.

More Opportunities for Fraud

“The bottom line regarding this shift is opportunity,” said Melissa Gaddis,…

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