Four ‘sophisticated’ scams and how to avoid them this Black Friday and Christmas

Con artists are getting better and better at looking the part online, the Cyber Helpline tells (Picture: Getty Images)

This time of the year is a busy one for cyber criminals looking to make a quick buck off people shopping for loved ones.

With Black Friday and Christmas around the corner, consumers are being warned of web links to fraudulent websites posing as legitimate retailers.

These sites, set up to harvest victims’ payment details, are being advertised on platforms such as Facebook and Google.

Often the ads aren’t taken down until they are reported and investigated, giving con artists a window of opportunity to make their money.

And it’s so easy to set up a company and website without having to show any ID that the scammers can simply repeat the process over and over again.

This form of racket has seen a substantial rise over the past six months, along with people being tricked into signing up to fake cryptocurrency…

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