Former WTO Chief: U.S. Trade War against China “Simply Failed”


Editor’s note: Pascal Lamy is the former Director General of the World Trade Organization, now the President of Paris Peace Forum. As China celebrates its 20th anniversary of its entry to the WTO, what role is China expected to play on the international arena? And with Tuesday’s China-U.S. virtual meeting, are we finally seeing the proverbial silver lining?

Pascal Lamy: Overall, China’s accession to the World Trade Organization is a win-win.

Wang Guan: Where do you see China-U.S. rivalry, as you put it, headed?

Pascal Lamy: I think if I look back at the Trump trade policy vis-a-vis China, it simply failed.

Wang Guan: Where is the WTO in all this?

Pascal Lamy: We need new rules to address climate and digitalization. And this will not happen without the U.S., China and EU.

Wang Guan: The Chinese and American leaders met virtually from each other’s capital. What’s your takeaway of this meeting? What messages did you pick up?

Pascal Lamy: I think the main message…

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