Foreign call centre raided over alleged links to scam tricking Australians out of their superannuation


It’s a Friday morning inside a Philippines call centre on the eastern outskirts of Metro Manila, and dozens of staff are calling Australians.

This call centre is allegedly linked to sophisticated multi-million-dollar scams that have targeted Australians for their retirement nest eggs.

The ABC’s 7.30 program can reveal details of one scam that “cloned” or misused real details without permission from a company controlled by financial giant AMP.

Victims say the cloning and other deceptive tactics made the scam appear like a legitimate financial advice firm that was regulated in Australia.

The scam has triggered multiple ongoing investigations in Australia, with corporate watchdog ASIC confirming “some are at an advanced stage”.

Inside the Manila call centre, staff are seated close together in rows.

Police officers watch over call centre staff during the raid.(Supplied)

Wearing headsets, they read detailed scripts to gather sensitive…

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