Flubot scam targets Australians through photo album fake text message


There are fears that Australians could fall for a new ploy by notorious scammers, with millions of dollars already lost.

The notorious Flubot scammers have rolled out a sneaky new tactic designed to catch Aussies unawares, after their two other ploys were widely reported on.

The ‘Flubot’ scam first arrived on Australia’s shores on August 2, characterised by a text sent en masse from an Australian phone number that enticed users to click on a link that would then infect their Android device with malware.

Since the first report, thousands of Australians have had the malware texts sent to their phone. In the first eight weeks, 13,000 Australians made a formal complaint to the Scamwatch division of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

At first, phone users were tricked into clicking the scam link by promises of a missed voicemail text. Then this progressed to clicking on the URL provided to track a delivery parcel.

On Friday,…

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