Florida is the place to be — for ‘grandparent scams,’ cybercrime


Driving around Santa Rosa Beach on 30A last month, I saw license plates from Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York — just as prominent as the usual ones from Florida, Alabama and Georgia.

Florida is the place to be, as we all see with our own eyes (and hear in the news).

One example is celeb chef Geoffrey Zakarian, who moved from New York City to Tampa so his kids could go to school and he could work.

I wrote on that after meeting him at an event and hearing his story.

Zakarian also said he was not planning on returning to The Big Apple.

2021 event with chef Zakarian. Image via Dowling family.

This week, I saw a fan sign from a Tampa Bay Lightning (vs. New York Islanders) hockey game: “Tampa vs NY 1. Stanley Cup winner 2. Super Bowl champ 3. No income tax. 4. Ron DeSantis.”

There is a lot of Florida pride going on these days as people get back out and about on a large scale; it’s nothing new.

Florida has always been the premier destination for…

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