Florida had nation’s worst COVID-19 death rate during summer surge


The delta variant-driven summer surge of 2021 was deadlier in Florida than in any other state.

The latest federal COVID-19 reports covering the period since June 20 — which roughly coincided with the time the summer surge began — shows that more people have since been reported to have died of the disease in Florida than in any other state.

Florida’s per-capita rate of reported COVID-19 deaths also has been higher than any other state in the period, which covers though Wednesday.

Florida’s COVID-19 summer surge appears to be largely over, as the number of new confirmed cases has been plummeting for more than a month, and the number of deaths has been falling for a couple of weeks.

The same is mostly true nationally, though some states are seeing increases in their COVID-19 numbers. Most epidemiologists expect that cold states will see their surges peak during colder weather.

For now, as case and death numbers fall back toward where they were in…

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