Florida building collapse: Better Business Bureau warns of fraudulent charities

SURFSIDE, Florida (WABC) — So many people want to help the families in Florida, but the Better Business Bureau is out with a warning Sunday.

The organization is advising people who want to donate, to seek out established charities that meets its standards for charity accountability.

They say that fraudulent fundraising could emerge in the wake of the Surfside condominium building collapse.

If you’re donating to a crowdfunding campaign — the bureau says pay to special attention to the posting and check the wording carefully and make sure the funds will be used for specific purposes.

The organization says photos are often used without permission, so don’t assume the money will benefit whoever is pictured in the listing.

They say if you don’t know whoever is coordinating the crowdfunding effort, the next best thing is to find one that is working with an established charity.

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