Flashback: Sony Ericsson P910 used an odd flavor of touch Symbian and wanted to do it all



Anonymous, 33 minutes agoSomephones already cost more than $500, just the hardware. Zombies!


You forgot to mention that the keyboard could be completely removed, which is what I did when I had this phone.


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travis999, 1 hour agoDream on, smartphone fan.
Its never going to happen again.
If you bulk priced the parts for… more
Somephones already cost more than $500, just the hardware.


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Smartphone Scam, 1 hour agoIts sad to see the smartphone business became the biggest scam of all time and people still ha… moreKeep dreaming.

Only CPU + screen can be about $260 already.

Crap imx586 (48MP 1/2″ ) is $25. Not counting lens/OIS. Just the sensor.


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I can‘t afford the P800 900 and 910i at their time. I had the P990i and it was so…

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