Five arrested in separate cases relating to Internet love scams and ruse involving fake China officials, Singapore News & Top Stories


SINGAPORE – Two men and two women have been arrested for their role in a ruse where scammers pretend to be officials from China to fleece victims out of their savings.

In a statement on Thursday (May 20), police said the four, aged between 18 and 51 years, had acted on behalf of scammers who told victims that their credit or debit card details had been used for fraudulent transactions, or that their bank accounts were involved in money laundering activities.

Police said that these four were allegedly groomed to believe that they were carrying out official tasks for the scammers. They were instructed to dress in white and black and were also told what to say to the victims.

They also had fake identification cards and used them to identify themselves as representing organisations such as the Singapore Police Force, the Chinese Police and Interpol.

In the ruse, the scammers first got the victims to divulge their personal banking details, including…

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