Firefighters in South Yorkshire unveil hi-tech new kit


All firefighters in South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and the Humberside region will be pulling on the new fire tunics and trousers after the three brigades agreed a joint procurement deal.

For crews in South Yorkshire and Humberside, the personal protective equipment (PPE) revamp will also feature a pioneering, multi-function rescue jacket to reflect the changing role of the modern firefighter.

The new kit, supplied by Ballyclare International, features specially designed knee and elbow panels to make it easier to move and more comfortable to wear as well as innovative new spacer fabric to improve breathability for those wearing it.

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South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue’s new kit (pic: Paul David Drabble)

The three services claimed that by collaborating they had saved money, enhanced firefighter safety and standardised fire kit regionally.

The PPE underwent rigorous testing back in June 2020, as…

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