Financial coaching


This is a continuous effort on part of the government to keep the businesses and household budgets afloat as there is no sight of an end to the Covid-19 crisis, at least, in the near future.

Pertinently, the virus-induced crisis among other things has exposed all of us to some important money lessons to mitigate the risk of any future financial crisis like the one triggered by the ongoing pandemic.

Within this situation, we have been observing a lot of genuine innovations in financial products and alongside, a chain of financial products have hit markets, promising magical returns. However, such products luring investors with quick and high returns are always loaded with high risk.

Let us deliberate on the investment in high risk products. We have seen that these schemes are pushed in the market in such a way that most of the time it becomes difficult for gullible investors to avoid falling victim to the greed of making quick bucks. In other words, the…

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