Film festival to screen city director’s docu on Karbala | Kolkata News

Kolkata: An invitation via email to visit Iraq resulted in the making of National Award winner Sourav Sarangi’s documentary, ‘Karbala Memoirs’ on the world’s largest annual public gathering.
The 40-minute film, which is being screened at the 4th South Asian Short Film Festival at Nandan on Monday, was shot during his week-long journey in Iraq, where he travelled 70km on foot to visit the Shia pilgrimage of Arba’een Walk that witnessed around 25 million people from across the world walking from Najaf to Karbala.
Sarangi, who is a Presidency College-FTII alumni, was invited to join this Shia pilgrimage, where millions go on a peaceful march to pay tribute to Hussain, grandson of the prophet, who was killed in a war about 1,400 years ago. “While I knew about Haj, Arba’een was new for me. Hardly much is written or filmed about this pilgrimage. Everything including food and lodging is offered free there. An Islamic philanthropic organization,…

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