Fight For A Fraud Refund: What To Do If You Fall Victim To Scammers


Since Saturday, Money Mail has shared advice to help protect your savings from scammers. 

But with fraudsters becoming increasingly sophisticated, it is inevitable some people will still fall victim and lose life-changing sums of money.

The good news is that there are rules in place to ensure the vast majority get their money back. The bad news is that many banks will still try to wriggle out of paying refunds.

Fight back: There are rules in place to ensure the vast majority of fraud victims get their money back, but many banks won’t give it up without a fight

In fact, fewer than half of victims of bank transfer scams are reimbursed after being tricked into making payments to crooks.

Campaigners are calling for tougher laws to force banks to do the right thing by their customers.

And ministers and the police are under mounting pressure to do more to control the fraud epidemic after it emerged just one in 700 scams…

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