Federal Court Orders Miami-Area Tax Preparer to Pay Contempt Sanction for Violating Permanent Injunction | OPA


A federal court in the Southern District of Florida has ordered a Miami-area tax preparer to pay a $403,969.70 contempt sanction for violating a permanent injunction that barred her from preparing, filing or assisting in the preparation or filing of federal tax returns for others.

The United States filed a complaint against Milagros Espinal on Feb. 7, 2011, that alleged that she had prepared returns for customers that claimed deductions for fraudulent medical expenses, charitable contributions and unreimbursed employee business expenses. According to the complaint, an IRS review of returns she prepared uncovered errors in 97% of the returns the agency examined. The parties contemporaneously filed a consent order, in which Espinal agreed to a full bar on return preparation. On Feb. 16, 2011, the court issued a permanent injunction.

On Aug. 18, 2021, following an evidentiary hearing, the court found that the United States proved by…

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