FaZe Kay speaks out after SaveTheKids crypto scam allegations — Scam Guards


Disgraced former FaZe Clan member Kay has addressed the crypto scam controversy that led to his dismissal, claiming the creator “abused his trust with [him] to scam everybody,” as well as asking fans to “not believe what you’re hearing online.”

Kay was among four FaZe Clan members involved in the SaveTheKids crypto “pump and dump” scheme. The quartet advertised the token and told their fans to buy it before the value of the coin plummeted to nearly 10% of its original value.

Jarvis, Nikan, and Teeqo were suspended from FaZe Clan indefinitely, but Kay was given the boot entirely.

However, he’s now broken his silence since the allegations were leveled, claiming he was also caught up in the scam and asked his fans to “please not believe what you’re hearing online.”

“All of these people making videos think that they know the truth and they know who’s responsible when they just don’t. Here’s the truth: I…

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