Family hopes new DNA technology can solve 1975 murder of North Carolina teen Donna Emmel


Donna Emmel was a tiny little thing, but she was a spitfire.

The bubbly, blonde-haired 15-year-old from Newport, North Carolina was outgoing and fun-loving, but didn’t care much for makeup or dresses. Instead she preferred to wear cutoff shorts and wasn’t afraid to get dirty.

Donna and her cousin Beverly Boston were only 11 months apart and had a close bond, spending many summers in Newport together. Beverly even lived at Donna’s house for a short time and the two attended school together.

Donna Marie Emmel

“She was a tiny little thing, but she was a spitfire,” Beverly told Dateline. “If you made her mad, watch out. I call her a spitfire.”

The term “tomboy” comes to mind for Beverly when she thinks of her cousin. She told Dateline that the only time she remembered seeing Donna in a dress was for a school dance. It was burgundy and velvet – and Donna never wore it again while she was alive.

“The next time she wore that dress, she was being…

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