Facebook to Meta Calls for Big Tech’s Name Change From FAANG to MAANG



Facebook’s rebranding to Meta Platforms has launched a search for a new name for the high-flying FAANG group that also includes Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Alphabet.

Facebook on Thursday announced it is now called Meta Platforms as the social media company shifts to building the ambitious “metaverse”, a shared virtual environment. The name change comes after a damaging whistleblower report and criticism from lawmakers and regulators over its market power.

The most popular suggestion on Twitter for the tech-related heavyweight group was MAANG — where FAANG’s “F” is replaced with “M”. Some users also rearranged the letters to MANGA, referring to Japanese comic books.

The elite FAANG stocks have a combined market capitalization of about $7.416 trillion (roughly Rs. 5,55,67,013 crore) so far this year, up from about $5.8 trillion (roughly Rs. 4,34,58,556 crore) last year.

Several Twitter users also proposed to reshuffle the group to…

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