Exterior design of Citroen C3 compact SUV to India revealed in scale model image-Technology News, Firstpost


Citroen plans to significantly expand its business in India this year with a range of highly localized models from the C-Cubed program. The first of these is expected to be a compact SUV, and its exterior design seems to be missing from these images of SUV scale models. A compact SUV named Citroen C3 will be available in India later this year. However, the second COVID-19 wave can slow the progression. As these images suggest, the Indian Citroen C3 is significantly different from the European version.

The geometric styling remains and seems to be heavily influenced by the styling of the C5 Aircross. So there is a similar split headlamp setup with an integrated chevron, but with the new “X” LED lighting motif found in cars like the C4. The Citroën C3 features a large rectangular grille and an intricately stylized air dam with silver and orange highlights underneath.

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