Exploding the myth of startup sales targets – here’s a smarter plan


Editor’s note: Joe Procopio is the Chief Product Officer at Get Spiffy and the founder of teachingstartup.com. Joe has a long entrepreneurial history in the Triangle that includes Automated Insights, ExitEvent, and Intrepid Media. Joe writes a weekly column for WRAL TechWire. It’s published on Tuesdays.

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – “If I can get to 10,000 customers a month at $50 each, then I’ve got something interesting here.”

Every entrepreneur comes up with simple sales targets soon after figuring out their most basic price point. We can’t help it, it’s what we do. But when it comes time for real sales projections, the math gets murkier. And we’re usually still just throwing random numbers at a wall and hoping they stick.

I used to go into my growth phase with sales targets. Then I realized those numbers were meaningless. Now I have a smarter plan.

Joe Procopio (Photo courtesy of Joe Procopio)

Why Do…

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