Explained: How army is still deciding course of Pakistan politics

NEW DELHI: Though Pakistan is constitutionally a democratic parliamentary republic, the military has been in charge for half of its 74-year-long history. Since 1947, Pakistan has been ruled by four different military rulers under three different military coups (1958-71, 1977-88 and 1999-2008).
In an attempt to stop the cycle of long military rule followed by a brief stint of an elected government, the National Assembly in 2010 passed the 18th Constitutional Amendment. This amendment removed the power of the President to dissolve the parliament unilaterally.
Though Pakistan has since seen fairly democratic transitions of power, the influence of the army on the decision-making bodies has not reduced.
In fact, recent developments in Pakistan and the no-trust vote against Prime Minister Imran Khan suggests that the influence has increased in subtler ways.

Army hand behind early elections?

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