Experts Urge Kentuckians to Watch Out for Solar Scams / Public News Service


Out-of-state solar companies are using aggressive marketing tactics in Kentucky to lure potential customers, and experts say anyone interested in having solar panels installed should do their homework.

People should never end up with solar panels installed in the shade, for instance, or with overpriced systems lacking basic safety requirements or proper permits.

Rachel Norton, energy specialist for the Mountain Association, said one major red flag is an installer who promises a government check or offers to lower their price based on a federal tax credit.

“And you’re never going to receive that federal tax credit as a check. That operates differently. You shouldn’t be expecting to receive a check in the mail,” Norton explained. “Anything that seems strange around how you may receive money in the form of your tax credit, that’s shady.”

She pointed to the Kentucky Solar Energy Society’s website as a good resource. The…

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