EVs Are Ending The Crossover Scam/Curse — Scam Guards


My recent experience with the Volkswagen ID.4, along with the vehicle surviving a 1,000-mile off-road race in Mexico, got me to thinking. The history of crossover vehicles shows that they were kind of a scam, but when a manufacturer does an EV crossover right, it makes the vehicles a legitimate SUV again.

The Origins Of Crossovers

In history, the roots of an idea aren’t always super clear. Sure, there are times when a vehicle manufacturer does something new and everyone else follows (Tesla is well on its way to that), but other times, it’s unclear. Crossovers are in that latter category. I used to believe that the crossover category started with 4-wheel-drive cars like the AMC Eagle of the 1970s and 80s, and to some extent that’s true. I’ve seen others point out that the Jeep Cherokee was of unibody construction instead of body-on-frame, and that could make it the first crossover, and again, that’s a valid…

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