Evergrande crisis can be catalyst for market correction: Nilesh Shah


It has been a topsy-turvy week for the global equity markets, having to deal with the crisis in China. Will this event prove to be a catalyst triggering a market correction? Or is the worst over? In this exclusive interview with Puneet Wadhwa, Kotak Mahindra AMC Managing Director Nilesh Shah answers all these questions.

Edited excerpts:

Concerns around China’s crisis over now?

  • more of a China problem than a global one
  • It’s China’s ‘Lehman Brothers moment’
  • No global contagion, only a temporary setback
  • Some impact: Real estate slowdown, metal stocks to be hit

Will Evergrande ghost haunt global financial again?

  • Difficult to predict market sentiment
  • Events like Evergrande can act as a catalyst for market correction

Where will be after 6 months – 15,000 or 20,000?

  • Indian are fairly valued
  • Corporate…

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