Even generals must learn new skills in tech-dominated special operations future


The future of special operations forces technology is less about what new rifle they’ll be carrying on missions and more about how a new type of operator will pull data rapidly from anywhere on the globe.

Operators of the future will need to be cyber-capable or risk being irrelevant.

Those needs feed into a new kind of skills recruitment and retraining for the frontline troops in special operations forces, their supporting staff and even admirals and generals at the top of their services, officials said at this week’s Global SOF Foundation forum on special operations policy.

U.S. Special Operations Command Chief Information Officer Dr. Lisa Costa said that those in special operations, even at the highest echelons, need to be learning anew.

“I really believe in upskilling and reskilling and that’s not just for the lower ranks,” Costa said. “I believe that we need to upskill and reskill general officers.”


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