Eurovision Song Contest 2021: Bloc voting, stunning vocals and catching a vibe – how do you win the show? | Ents & Arts News


Despite being a completely Marmite event, winning Eurovision is still seen as a sacred cow by many in the music industry.

Countries and broadcasters buy in the best songwriters money can buy, hold public competitions to find their act, and then throw everything at making it the best performance possible – all for three minutes of stage time.

But with accusations of political voting still hanging in the air – is there a magic formula to winning, or is it simply enough to rely on geo-political friendships?

In my opinion, and in the words of Parks And Recreation’s Tom Haverford – “it has to be a banger”.

If it lights up the stage, gets me humming the tune, and blows me away with the vocals, then it’s safe to say it becomes a favourite.

And many of the songs that win are often the favourite – but what makes them the favourite, and how are Eurovision songs crafted to win?

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