Ethereum’s sudden rebound hits a record high of $ 4,250, digital gold swaying financial markets and questioning its true value


Financial markets and cryptocurrencies

In the financial markets on the 11th, when inflationary pressure and a sense of caution about rising interest rates became stronger again, growth stocks such as high-tech stocks, which had soared during the monetary easing phase, were sold significantly in the US and Japanese stock markets.

With the announcement of the US Consumer Price Index (CPI) on the 12th and the US tax return deadline (tax payment sale) on the 17th, the wait-and-see trend is strengthening, and virtual currencies such as Bitcoin There were also scenes where the market was cheap.

However, after that, Bitcoin (BTC) recovered to the $ 57,000 level (6.21 million yen) over the 12th, and Ethereum (ETH) suddenly rebounded to the record high of $ 4,185 (455,000 yen). Strong buying pressure is still working against the backdrop of the funda.

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Regarding Ethereum, on-chain data such as signals…

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