EOW arrests two for running ponzi scheme


Economic Offences Wing of Delhi Police arrested two persons for allegedly cheating investors by promising them a daily profit on their one-time investment, said a senior police officer on Wednesday.

The accused have been identified as Mukesh Bizender Lal Sharma and Jay Prakash.

Police said they received numerous complaints against one Mukesh Sharma alias Raj, who posed as a representative of Road Runner Cab and induced them to invest ₹76,000 in the scheme of their company. The alleged stated that in this scheme, an app-based taxi service company purchased a taxi in the name of the complainants, all expenses regarding maintenance have to be borne by the taxi company. The company will retain the profit too. Against the investment by complainants, ₹510 per day will be deposited in their account.

Stopped after months

“The mentioned amount was deposited in the account of the complainants for few months but thereafter, it was stopped….

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