Ensuring a safe holiday shopping


I write a column about safe holiday shopping nearly every year at this time, but this year is special. We are (hopefully) coming out of a pandemic which affected many of our shopping habits, and we are also dealing with some supply shortages and — in the Bay Area and elsewhere — a rash of robberies that could result in more stolen goods being sold online.

Larry Magid

In past years, I would explain the basics of online shopping, but it’s hard to imagine there are many readers who haven’t experienced it by now, especially during periods when some brick-and-mortar stores were closed due to COVID. Even now, many people are doing much of their shopping online to completely avoid the risk of being exposed while shopping.

What is different this year is the need to shop online as early as possible and the need to be extra vigilant to avoid stolen goods on platforms where individuals are empowered to sell products.

You want to shop…

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