Elon Musk Backs Out of Twitter Deal


According to a new SEC filing, Elon Musk backed out of a $44 billion deal to acquire Twitter. The filing indicates that Twitter failed to provide required information about the number of bots on the social media platform.

Bots are a chronic problem on Twitter. Operators have been accused of using them to spread propaganda and false information, shill minor altcoins, and spread scams. One common scam involved offering to send back two times the amount of crypto sent to an address or more.

That last is usually a bot but not always. One person from Florida and two more in Europe were arrested on charges related to hacking the Twitter accounts of Elon Musk and several other prominent figures to spread the crypto scam.

Meanwhile, Twitter indicated that it would pursue legal proceedings to force the deal to go through and ordered employees not to tweet about the deal. Twitter…

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