Elliott Greenblott | Fraud Watch: Beware of the Medicare beneficiary scam | Business


Special alert! Criminals have renewed their attack against Medicare beneficiaries! This message is for you, even if you are not receiving Medicare benefits; sharing it with friends and family members on Medicare might save them from being on the losing side of the scam.

AARP Vermont is aware of the return of a scam first reported in this column in 2020. Victims receive a notification call from Medicare, announcing a change in the Medicare identity card to one that includes an RFID chip, similar to the chip that is present on most credit, debit and ATM cards. The recipient’s caller ID displays the actual telephone number for Medicare, 800-633-4227. 

The reality: This is a scam! Medicare is not changing the identity card to a “chip card,” and Medicare will not notify you of changes via telephone or email. The same is…

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