Eggplant is the sweet your savory is seeking 


Boulder County Farmers Markets

Eggplants are such a wonderful find at the market. Find a big globe eggplant and imagine an eggplant Parmesan that will feed your whole family or a classic French ratatouille. Tiny, delicious, teardrop-shaped or spherical eggplants are perfect for an Asian-inspired stir-fry.

Most continents celebrate the eggplant. (Not always: As a nightshade, it was shunned by many people long ago as being poisonous. Their loss.) It’s known as a vegetable, but it’s botanically a berry. Most eggplants are grown in China and India, but here in Colorado with our dry climate and cool nights, they are prolific and are gorgeous specimens at the local farmers markets.

Its spongy texture will absorb the oils, curries, spices and anything else you want to add to it. But it’s substantial in texture, so it makes a great meat substitute in several recipes if you don’t eat meat, or if you are trying to cut back on meat. (Think about things…

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