EET: Online fraud and investment fraud – What consumers should be aware of


The Hellenic Banking Association (EET) has posted information material with instructions for the identification and protection against fraud in online shopping scams and investment scams on its website on the occasion of the ongoing information campaign in the context of of European Cyber ​​Security Month. (

There are also guidelines for identifying and protecting against spoofed bank websites.

In particular, for scams in online shopping, the EET information material points out that online offers are often profitable purchases, but special attention needs to be paid to fraud cases.

It is pointed out to consumers in the information material

-Use home retail websites, when possible you are more likely to solve any problems that may arise.

– Do your research – check the reviews before making a purchase.

-Use credit cards – you are more likely to get your money back in case of fraud.

-Pay only through a…

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