Editorial: Guard against phishing


Appreciating the gesture of a former student to send her favorite pastry, retired teacher Belinda posted on social media a photo of the package. Another former student saw a detail in the online image that made Belinda vulnerable to scammers.

Belinda took her advice, deleting the post that included an image of the delivery receipt indicating her name and address.

In another incident, Benjamin answered finally persistent calls from a number that was not part of his contacts. The caller, a woman, asked for a person that Benjamin had never heard of.

In the ensuing exchange, the woman asked Benjamin for his full name, as if verifying his identity. Since she had a pleasant voice, he nearly forgot that he did not have to prove his identity to the caller and cut the call.

Benjamin had already been victimized in another vishing or voice phishing scam. He had revealed personal information, such as his name and one-time password (OTP) authorizing…

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