Taiwan’s Free and Vibrant Economy Is a “Democratic Success Story”


Taiwan stands for freedom, transparency, accountability, and other democratic characteristics that clearly differentiate the island nation from China.

Taiwan’s commitment to cultivating a free economy and a vibrant civil society through independent democratic institutions has unambiguously made the country a notable example for Asia and the world in terms of how an emerging country can move progressively into new chapters of development.

Taiwan ranked sixth in The Heritage Foundation’s newly released 2022 Index of Economic Freedom.

The index assesses the economies of 184 countries based on 12 indicators of economic freedom—from property rights to financial freedom. These indicators are grouped into four categories: rule of law, limited government, regulatory efficiency, and market openness.

With its overall score improving by 1.5 points to 80.1, Taiwan achieved the status of the economically “free” category in the index for the first…

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