Latest surge in COVID-19 could have major impact on South Florida’s economy


MIAMI – Economists believe this is a crucial time for South Florida and the continued health of the economy.

Many local jobs are hinging on whether policies and public behavior promote transmission of COVID-19, or work to limit it.

“The real risk is that things start to flatline a little bit until the variant is brought under control,” said Adam Kamins, Director of Economic Research at Moody’s Analytics.

If policies are put in place that facilitate transmission rather than limit it, they could have trickle-down impacts to various aspects of the local economy.

“We could see workers going back to being remote, we could see local school closures if there are outbreaks, so I think all of that creates significant disruption in the economy and that could hurt south Florida,” said Kamins.

Consumer confidence is also on the decline amid the summer ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ case surge.

“There is a lot of mounting risk now, so I think if the…

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