Government must hold firm – a fourth lockdown would hammer the economy


Omicron crisis

WITH depressing familiarity, Boris Johnson addressed the nation on a Sunday night in December to warn of a growing threat to the NHS at Christmas.

The PM deserves credit for turbo-charging the booster campaign first in response to the Omicron crisis rather than giving in immediately to the doom-mongers and serving up further restrictions.


Hold your nerve, Prime MinisterCredit: Reuters

Dire predictions of one million mutant variant cases by the turn of the year and tens of thousands of deaths suggest we are being softened up for some version of Lockdown Lite soon.

So while there is no firm data to suggest Omicron is as lethal as the Delta variant, the Government must hold firm and allow Plan B to do its job.

Shutting down the country for a fourth time would hammer the economy.

The sick and the vulnerable — like murdered Arthur Labinjo-Hughes — will suffer again. Schools must not remain closed after the Christmas holidays.

The touted…

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