Dozens arrested in China over public medical insurance scam


Dozens of employees of a private hospital in southwestern China have been arrested, accused of defrauding a public medical insurance scheme of more than 10 million yuan (US$1.55 million), according to Chinese media.

In all, 47 employees, including the director of Mintai Hospital in Xuanhan county, Sichuan province, were detained, suspected of falsifying medical records and accounts to cover operating costs, shareholder dividends and marketing expenses, China Business News reported.

Li Yinan, from Sichuan’s Department of Public Security, was quoted as saying that the alleged fraud was shocking.

“It seriously infringed patients’ rights, threatened the safety of our country’s medical insurance fund scheme and damaged social order,” he was quoted as saying.

The arrests come as the Ministry of Public Security, the National Health Commission and the National Healthcare Security Administration try to crack down on fraud in the medical insurance…

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