Dora Goodman Marries new Technology to old School Camera Tradition


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“The driving force behind our dedication to the craft of designing and creating cameras, is to carve a legacy”, says Dora Goodman about her eponymous, small scale camera manufacturing company. What started as a hobby to beautify the exterior look of vintage cameras has blossomed into a camera design and production career for Dora. Based out of Hungary, her company produces 3D printed analogue camera bodies and their accessories. They also work on open-source designs allowing other photographers to modify and improve these designs to their liking.

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It’s no secret that at The Phoblographer, we love analogue photography. That’s not because we’re old. The average age of the team here is 35. But it’s more so because the physical and emotional experience of using film cameras is still unmatched by digital ones. I have an…

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