Don’t rely on Madam Marie for prudent investment decisions


What do you do when there is a temporary downturn in the financial markets? Always remember that quality is quality, and the length of time a company’s shares are on sale is always temporary. Investment success is often defined as acquiring the shares of companies whose returns your research indicates will, over time, outperform, while still meeting your risk requirements.

Notice I ignored investing in companies that some parasitic investment letter, TV performer or commission-based stockbroker says you must buy right now. Believe me if they really knew what stocks to buy and when, they would be buying them and not living off subscriptions, advertisers, and commissions.

There is nothing wrong with reading about or listening to investment ideas. It is when you act on those ideas without doing your own due diligence that losses occur. Act imprudently and the market will take its toll with no remorse.

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