Don’t be influenced by an influencer scam


Influencer marketing is a new and efficient way to market to a younger generation. Influencers can be anybody from musicians, athletes, movie stars to just everyday people who made a name for themselves using their social media account. 

While the promise of becoming an influencer may seem like a dream come true, it did not take scammers long to take advantage of all the hype. A “company” contacts the victim through a personal Instagram, TikTok, or other social media account offering to make them a “brand ambassador.” They offer products in return for posts or photos of the victim in the product, they may even send convincing photos of the product or other influencers. There’s a catch — the scammer may require the purchase of items first, but the items either arrive broken or don’t arrive at all. In some versions of this scam, the con artist requires an upfront fee for a “background check.” 

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