Dollar: from quotas and taxes to be hoarded to limits to “cash with liquidity”, the Government’s measures to curb exchange pressure


The attention was elsewhere in this long weekend: in the mythical Maracana stadium of Rio de Janeiro sheltered a final from America’s Cup between Brazil and Argentina, which was finally victorious after 28 years of frustrated titles. It was just at that moment, in which the Government went out to redouble the stocks al dollar, this time about option like “Counted with liquidation.”

With the new limits, the Casa Rosada aims to once again reduce the exchange rate gap (which on Thursday came to 81,26% between the parallel and the wholesaler), the same one that had it against the arch in October past, with the blue around $ 200 and a distance of 120% against the officer.

Shape part of the strategy which began to be implemented at the end of June when the blue dollar it shot to the highest values ​​since last October, at $ 175. There the alarms sounded in the Casa Rosada and it was decided to intervene in the financial markets to calm the…

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