DOJ Indicts 6 People in 4 Crypto Scams Including Baller Ape NFT Rug-Pull   


The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has indicted 6 people in 4 different cases of cryptocurrency frauds, including Baller Ape NFT rug-pull, worth nearly $130 million.

Baller Ape NFT Scam

According to a release from the agency, Vietnamese national Le Anh Tuan, 26, pulled down the website and fled with investors’ money after the first-day public sale of Baller Ape NFTs in the Central District of California. The NFTs depicted various cartoon figures including those of an ape.  

“In total, Tuan and his co-conspirators obtained approximately $2.6 million from investors. If convicted of all counts, Tuan faces up to 40 years in prison,” the release said. 

Using blockchain analytics, the investigators found out that Tan and his associates had used the chain-chopping method to launder the stolen money. The defendants converted the coins into other assets and moved them to different blockchain networks using…

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