Do digital coins issued by central banks hold the future of the world economy?

In this article in the “Be-A-Ba Crypto” series, you’ll understand what digital coins issued by central banks are, why they have generated so much interest in governments and if they are indeed the future of the world economy. (image: freepik/gstudioimagen)

According to decrypt, digital coins issued by Central bank (or “CBDCs”) are digital versions of national fiat currencies.

You might be wondering: what is the purpose of these coins? Why would governments be interested in them? And what makes them different from traditional currencies?

this article in the series b-a-baa crypto It was created precisely for this purpose, so that you know everything about this type of currency that has already been adopted by some governments around the world.

CBDCs are the same stable coins, they are cryptocurrency For example with the backing and parity of some fiat currency such as the dollar.

In addition, some stablecoins, such as Tether (USDTRead more…